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Despite trading for the best receiver in the league, the Titans are still not true Super Bowl contenders.

The Titans’ issues start primarily on defense. While there is a ton of talent and potential, starting likely 2 rookies in the secondary is a recipe for disaster. In addition, the hire of Shane Bowen is highly suspect as he has little experience, and the experience he does have did not show much of a translation to defensive success.

Offensively, the Titans have questions to answer too. Having lost one of the best OCs in the game in Arthur Smith is likely to blow up in their faces. Todd Downing is likely to continue a similar strain of offense, but the most utilized position in a Smithian offense, the tight ends, have taken a major decline in talent with the loss of Jonnu Smith and MyCole Pruitt.

In addition, there are some serious concerns about the quarterback position. While Tannehill has played well during his tenure in Tennessee, there are legit concerns as to how sustainable that is. While in Miami, Tannehill also showed he was prone to injury. If an injury strikes Tannehill, neither Woodside or Kiser can keep the team in playoff contention.

The Titans also possess large questions surrounding the 2 most important positions on the offensive line; left and right tackle. Taylor Lewan, while talented, is coming off a serious ACL injury that has the potential to highly impact his pass and run blocking. And at right tackle, former Bison Dillion Radunz is inexperienced, raw, and coming from a FCS school which could lend to a horrendous struggle against much higher competition than he is used to. 

Finally, in the case that the Titans do make the playoffs, they still have worse all around offensive and defensive talent than the Browns, Chiefs, and Bills, and it is difficult to suggest that the Titans can legitimately get by all 3 to even have a chance at the highly coveted Lombardi Trophy.

Photo Credit: A to Z Sports Nashville